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America’s Solar Future is Bright

America’s Solar Future is Bright

As energy prices around the country rise and people keep getting worried about the rate at which electricity bills mounts, solar panels are increasingly being installed by homeowners wishing to take advantage of a system that produces greener energy and insulates them from rising energy prices.

Several countries have started exploring the opportunities offered by clean energy and the US is one of those countries. The future of America’s solar industry is looking bright after California becomes the first state to require solar panels on new homes.

Solar panels will be an essential part of every new home built in California, under a policy advanced by the California supervisors, this will again put the state of California in the pole position of government controls over climate-warming carbon emissions.

We are expected to experience a massive solar energy boom as being predicted for coming years, after the California Energy Commission totally voted, 5-0, to endorse renewable energy and energy efficiency criteria that are set to be added to state building regulations later this year. This will affect all building after Jan. 1, 2020. The rules will make California the first state in the nation to require solar panels on new homes.

Solar is the cheapest way to generate electricity in the world. Solar panels can be set up in single-family homes and to a studio apartment and condominium complexes of three stories or less. Due to the cheapness of solar installations, people can’t wait for the directive from the state to join the green revolution, we have more than the 15,000 homes built each year in California having solar installation. In 2020 and beyond that number promises to steadily increase to 80,000, the number of homes built each year in the Golden State.

The installation of solar energy is the cleanest and greenest source of renewable energy generated electricity available to help power your home, business or community building and nowadays the cheapest too! When you install solar power systems, you’ll not only slash your carbon emissions and your electricity bill costs, you’ll be joining America’s clean energy revolution.

Choosing an installer

If you are looking for renewable energy solutions for your home, business or industrial solar application, please visit America Direct Solar. We are one of the largest suppliers and integrators of solar power and renewable energy products in the country.

America Direct Solar offers an exciting powerhouse of specialist, and custom designed solutions for a variety of renewable energy applications. We encompasscapable, efficient and the perfect solar energy renewable solutions, which embarks for an ideal alternate energy. We have confidence in our customer relation and long-term customer satisfaction and provide a one window operation for our clientele which makes us stand alone in today’s competitive business.

Our website contains a wealth of technical information, product specifications, pricing and sample calculations. You can also get a free customized quote when you contact us. Our services are top-notch, contact us by phone: 1800-769-8103 or email: to fulfil your dream of contributing to the green revolution.

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