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A D Solar Inc

where the Power is in your hand.

Excel and Switch to nature’s most reliable source of energy as Solar Energy and Save your valuable asset.

Our Profile comprises with both Services and Products category and we always focus on the result, which is to fulfil the energy commitment with full scale quality and competitive costing.

The cheapest source of energy!

Solar Energy world’s most advanced and reliable energy alternate.

About Us

A D Solar INC provides a wide array of solar and roofing solutions for your home and/or commercial office. We pride ourselves in sourcing the most state of the art and efficient solar technology available in today’s market, allowing us to generate maximum value to our customers. We believe in operating with a streamlined one window marketing approach that makes things effortless and unequivocally demonstrates of the value we create, a deficit in today’s marketplace.

Solar Panels

A D Solar INC has partnered with SunPower, a company with 30 years of longevity in the solar industry. Today Sunpower is a publicly traded company but was founded by Stanford University PHD graduate and professor Richard Swanson who created a patented technology of copper backed(internal metal plate) solar panel cells, opposed to brittle silicon wafers laced with this busbar ribbons(exterior metal strips), that are designed for durability due to the solar cell’s metal lessened exposure to withstand oscillating seasonal temperatures that wear down lower quality solar panels and effect their ability to produce electricity efficiently and the increase in maintenance cost associated with systems that have lower durability. 


Make the switch to nature’s most reliable energy source

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Installation Service

Installation Service

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy



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